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Contemporary Lifestyle Solutions Rooted in Authentic Ayurveda

Introducing Vansaar 45+, a brand that understands the unique health needs of Indian adults aged 45 and older. We've spent years actively seeking well-curated ayurvedic solutions to address your specific health concerns. Our range of products for the 45+ is meticulously crafted to promote the specialized needs of individuals aged 45+. With each product, we restore confidence, celebrate resilience and ignite a new zest for life. Guided by the belief that wellness evolves with age, we blend the Ayurvedic knowledge with extensive research and breakthrough innovations, offering health you've always cherished. Experience Vansaar 45+ and embrace a life of wellness.

Ayurvedic Approach to Women’s Health

Vansaar 45+ aims to create a transformative experience for all age groups. Through its wide range of products, from health tonics to multivitamin supplements, to pure herbal concoctions, to personal care solutions Vansaar 45+ aims to be your partner in good health. At Vansaar 45+ we specifically aim to address the overall wellness needs of women and the elderly through holistic solutions. Well, there is a reason why women. We have seen women gathering accolades for their exemplary work both at work and at home. Women for long have followed the narrative of you can do it all, well we do not aim to change the narrative but certainly assist every woman through their phases of well-being. Our product range actively addresses the key requirements of women’s health at every stage of her life, from periods to post-partum health, pregnancy, bone health or skincare Vansaar 45+ aims to cover all aspects of women’s health and empower her with better health.

Focus on Holistic Healing

We also take a slightly different route when it comes to geriatric care. This route entails path breaking concepts, the concept of pro ageing being the new anti-ageing. Ageing for long has been about frail body, wrinkled face, sunken eyes and a chronic ailment to top it all, the essence of their lives have been written on their faces, but what better than bringing in a charming glow, a new concept of health with the trusted wisdom of Ayurveda. Well we at Vansaar 45+ believe there is nothing better than seeing the elderly feel not just young at heart but young at mind and body too. We do this through a range of products that support good health, help maintain an active lifestyle and accentuate the charisma, focusing on pro ageing.

At Vansaar 45+ , we aspire to empower every individual with good health. We are committed to wellbeing, we push ourselves harder each day, to create the best contemporary lifestyle solutions through high quality organic herbs, elevated wisdom passed from the sages and unique approach to modern problems.

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