We have been able to provide a stable and remunerative organized market connect to thousands of small and marginal farmers associated with partner FPCs. We currently work with about 25 Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) with a member base of close to 100,000 small and marginal farmers. We regularly train these FPCs in NPM protocols and package of practices. NPM farmers are insulated from the risks of high input conventional farming while being assured of comparable productivity and volumes. They benefit from lower input costs and further, we offer the price quoted in the closest organized market platform (APMC) to member farmers at their farm gate. Our efforts have led, in the majority of the cases, to a 20% rise in farmers’ income.

The various advantages that accrue to the farmer due to their partnership with SHPL are as follows:

• A premium for their ‘pesticide-free’ produce.
• Savings on commission (~3%) that would have otherwise been charged by agents in the AMPC market.
• Saving in cost of transportation of produce to APMC markets.
• Savings in loading and unloading and those arising from following fair weighing practices.
• Prompt payment (7-15 days)

TO FPOs (Farmer Producer Organizations)

Our growth has greatly impacted the relatively nascent FPC ecosystem. In a relatively short span of time, we have been able to help partner FPCs forge fruitful relationships with a variety of actors ranging from lending institutions to government supported organizations. We have also catalyzed the revival of the NPM Network and have enabled it to form a working relationship with organizations such as the Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation and the ‘Agricultural Production Clusters’ initiative of the Govt. of Odisha to promote FPCs across the country.