Vansaar 45+ Pro-Strength Nutrition 400g And Calcium Plus Combo

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Buy now, if you are facing any of these:

  • Loss of Stamina/Decrease in Energy levels.
  • Difficulty in walking fast or running for long.
  • Trouble climbing more than 2 floors.
  • Poor balance and fall frequently.
  • Sagging skin.
  • Body pain frequently.
  • Regular sickness/Low Immunity.
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Vansaar 45+ Pro-Strength Nutrition 400g And Calcium Plus Combo Contains -

1.Vansaar 45+ Pro-Strength Nutrition| Complete Health Drink For 45+ Men & Women| Muscle Strengthening & Improved Energy| Highest Absorption Protein, Ayurvedic Herbs Like Hadjod & Ashwagandha,Vitamins - 400g:


  • THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED FOR INDIAN ADULTS ABOVE 45 YRS: Pro Strength Nutrition offers high protein in easy to digest form alongwith multivitamin multimineral mix which Traditional Indian diets lack.
  • STRENGTHENS, RECOVERS & REPAIRS MUSCLES: With a combination of Whey, Soy and Milk Protein, this triple blend formula offers optimal form of protein from the optimal source providing 360-degree muscle care.
  • EASIEST TO DIGEST PROTEIN FORMULA: With age, your body is not able to digest high quantity of protein. Pro Strength Nutrition has the highest PDCAAS (W.H.O Approved) rating of 1.0- making it the most easily absorbed complete protein with complete digestibility.
  • MULTIVITAMIN MULTIMINERAL MIX WITH 4 POTENT HERBS: 19 strength vitamins & minerals with 4 Power herbs help fill the nutrient gap the nutrient gap & make it a perfect immunity and stamina booster for adults.
  • STRENGTHENS BONES: Hadjod, Calcium & Vitamin K strengthen bones & joints
  • LOW GI: Low GI level makes it safe for diabetics.
  • 2X A DAY FOR 3 MONTHS: Add 30g in lukewarm milk or water & stir well! Have twice a day for 3 months to start seeing visible results!

2, Vansaar Ayurvedic Calcium+ (60 Tabs)| Naturally Sourced Calcium & Hadjod Supplement For Complete Bone And Joint Support| Chemical Free, 100% Ayurvedic: Vansaar Calcium + is a highly bioavailable and naturally sourced calcium supplement for complete bones & joints wellness. It helps reduce age-related bone loss, overcome joint pain, strengthen bones and joints naturally, and helps in preventing chances of arthritis and osteoporosis.  


  • Complete Bone & Joint Support for Adults – It reduces age-related bone loss, enhances bone strength & density & reduces risk of osteoporosis and arthritis in adults. When taken regularly, this ayurvedic supplement can strengthen bones and joints naturally.  
  • Naturally Sourced Calcium – It is an ayurvedic osteogenic calcium supplement, made from marine-sourced naturally occurring calcium carbonate found in Mukta Pishti, Praval Pishti, Kukkutanda Twak Bhasm, Shankha Bhasma.  
  • Highly Bioavailable & Effective - It is a highly bioavailable calcium supplement, which is easily absorbed and digested by the body, resulting in effective and visible results in case of painful knees, frozen shoulder, hip joint pain and more.  
  • Enriched with Hadjod- Enriched with ayurvedic herbs - Hadjod, Shallaki & Arjuna, it is a complete bone health & joint wellness solution. It helps in providing relief from joint pain, ankle pain, knee joint pain and improve daily movement.  
  • 100% Chemical Free – Unlike other Chemical based Calcium supplements, it is a Safe and 100% Ayurvedic solution that offers more absorbability and efficacy.  


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